山本佳史 プロフィール

About Yoshi-YAMAMOTO

His brother gave him a great influence in music in his childhood and that's when he started to play guitar.He was moved by the attraction of Jazz and in age of 16, he formed a band.While he studied various artists style, he discovered an old piece "DjangoReinhardt"He was fascinated by the passion of Jazz, he started to teaching himself " European Jazz " on his own.In 1998/ 1999 he received awards in " Gibson Jazz Guitar Contest " .
Currently he tours mostly west Japan as a guitarist of "Yoshi-YAMAMOTO TRIO" and "Cafe Manouche " . Their motifs are " Gypsy Swing " and " Musette ".It will play together on the stage of Romane in May, 2003.Yoshifumi YAMAMOTO currently endorses guitar strings made by "Savarez Argentine Strings" and "64Pick" (made by Kurume Seikou Co.ltd) and TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik(M81-SH Microphone) which Yoshifumi uses for gigging.He is a highly recognized gypsy guitarist in Japan.

山本佳史(Yoshifumi Yamamoto)

幼少の頃から、独学でギターを弾き始め、1998・1999年2年連続でGibson Jazz Guitar Contestに出場。いずれも"ExcellentGuitarist"他賞を受賞。
2006年にノルウェーのHotclubRecordsよりCD Spirit of Gypsyをワールドリリース。
2015年8月、ソロCDアルバム"Regulation / Yoshifumi Yamamoto TRIO"を ENCORD RECORDSよりリリース。

2016年より、64Pick製造元 Kurume Seikou社とエンドースメント契約。 
2019年より、TELEFUNKEN  Elektroakustik社とパートナーシップ契約。